Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamps

Levoit Himalayan salt lamps are professionally hand-carved from 100% pure high quality Himalayan salt from Pakistan. They make the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, special occasions or just like that.

Levoit Elegance Series


Levoit Kyra

  • Height: 6.5-9″
  • Weight: 5-8 lb


Levoit Elora

  • Height: 7.5-10″
  • Weight: 8-11 lb


Levoit Aurora

  • Height: 6.5-12″
  • Weight: 11-15 lb

Levoit Glass Bowl Series


  • Height: 6.5-9″
  • Weight: 6.6 lb


  • Height: 4.3-4.5″
  • Weight: 6.6 lb


  • Height: 6.5-9″
  • Weight: 6.6 lb

Nice home decor

When lit they radiates a warm, amber glow, providing a calming atmosphere. That makes them ideal for the center of a coffee table or desk. You can use them as a night-light on your bedside table. Levoit salt lamps are great for meditation and yoga spaces.

Safer Touch Dimmer Switch

All Levoit salt lamps come with a premium and beautifully made safer touch dimmer switch. You can brighten or dim your room just by touching and holding it. The cable is UL certified. This means that it is safe and will not allow a potential fire hazard.

Stainless steel and drainage control

The salt lamps base is made of FDA 18/8 class-leading stainless steel. The Elegance Series design includes drainage control. This means that you will not have to worry your furniture as it will protect it from moisture build-up. Levoit Fauna has a water collection box.

Well Accessorized

Levoit salt lamps comes well accessorized. All of them have long enough power cord and 2 extra original replacement bulbs included in the box.

FCC, CE, ROHS Approved

Levoit Himalayan salt lamps are FCC, CE, ROHS approved. Each lamp that you get from may vary in size, shape and color and this depends entirely on the natural variation of the Himalayan crystal salt. However, you will always get a quality product.

1-year warranty and lifetime support

Levoit provides 1-year warranty and lifetime support. If you have any questions, just send them a message and their team.

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