Himalayan salt lamps wholesale suppliers

WBM International is a large manufacturer and wholesale supplier of an ancient pink salt. Their products extends from edible salt and salt lamps to decorative fans, flame-less candles, and fireplace heaters. They control 100% of their sourcing, supply chain, manufacturing, packaging, and shipping.

Certifications and Awards

The company support the affidavit for a green environment. They donate a portion of their profits through WBM International Foundation to protecting the environment. They also produce within the bounds of ISO:1400-2004.

Visit their website wbminternational.com for more information and products.

WBM International Basket Style Collection

Brown Bamboo Basket

WBM’s Pink Salt Basket Night Lamp is unique. The bamboo style basket is made of original bamboo and is filled with 100% pure Himalayan rock salt crystals.

Black Lantern Basket

The Lantern Style Basket is filled with original 100% pure Himalayan rock salt crystals. Its dimensions are 6 x 6 inches and its height is 11 inches. The tall basket shape gives this product a unique and elegant look.

Black Oval Basket

The Black Oval Basket is made of beautiful black metal and again filled with crystals of a 100% pure Himalayan salt. The dimensions of the basket are 6 x 6 and its height is 8.5 inches. The shape gives a unique and elegant look.

Pillar Style Basket

The Pillar Style Basket salt lamp is made of intertwined metal and features a black polished coated finish. It has 6 feet power cord with Dimmable Rotary Switch. You can adjust the rotary knob on the electronic dimmer to get the desired glow intensity.

Picket Fence Style Basket

The Picket Fence Basket lamp is made of intertwined metal and features a black polished coated finish. It comes with 6 feet power cord, 15 watt light bulb and rotary dimmer switch for full light control.


SpiritualQuest selects fine quality lamps, with rich warm colors, superior grade crystals, that are sure to please. They mount their lamps on hard wood bases made from long lasting Rose wood that is naturally dark making for a designer appearance. The lamps you choose today will last longer, bring more tranquility, and promote healing and relaxation.

They have minimum of 6 units call to customize an order. Minimum amounts apply for your wholesale orders unless one chooses a wholesale package.

SpiritualQuest’s main focus is to make easy partnership with companies and  individuals on a wholesale level. You can either purchase wholesale from their site. They have retail products and a complete wholesale section.

Abundance and Wellness Package

This package includeds 3 Medium Himalayan Salt Lamps, 3 large, 2 extra large, 3 Abundance Bowls, and 2 bags of Himalayan Bath Salts.

Everest Wholesale Special

This is the Ultimate Packages for customers or business owners. Everything you need to restock your shelves or begin your very own Himalayan Salt lamp Business!

The package includes 6x Medium Salt Lamps, 6x Sphere Salt Lamps, 6x Pyramid Salt Lamps, 2x Abundance Bowls, 6x Tea Lights.